Monday, December 2, 2019


    Hello, and greetings to any and all members of ministerial search teams reading these pages. I'm Rev. Eric Posa, and I invite you to explore this online search packet. I hope these pages answer some of the questions you may have about me, and about my experience and perspectives. I look forward to exploring with you, the possibilities for your congregation and for me to enter fruitfully into ministry together.

In faith,
Rev. Eric Posa

I believe that any congregation would be fortunate to have Rev. Eric Posa as their minister. Having served as a member of my church's Search Committee, I can attest to his dedication and care.

Ronald Marcus Peck - First Unitarian Church of Memphis

[Note: The pages linked below include summaries of text that can be found in my Ministerial Record, along with photos, quotes from church leaders who have worked with me, and links to other documents.]
  • Biography (includes link to Curriculum Vita)

  • Theology (includes link to theology sermon)

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